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We help agricultural organizations develop innovative forward-focused decisions.

Our Services:

  • Strategic Direction
    • Multi-year Planning
    • Annual Priority Setting
    • Action Plan Implementation with quarterly check-in
    • Management/Leadership Team Alignment
    • Systemizing Business Operations
    • Succession Planning
    • Industrywide Initiatives
      • Think Tank/Summits/Conferences
  • Leadership/Professional Development
    • Mastermind Groups
  • Conferences/Summits/Think Tanks Partner
    • Workshop Presenter
    • Design & Facilitate AgendaConference Agenda Design and Facilitation Partner –
      • Engage participants in active learning and building more and deeper relationships with each other.
  • Speaking
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Youth Development
    • Professional Development
    • Food & Agriculture

Looking for ways to make your conference a better experience…

for attendees and presenters, contact me about designing and facilitating your meeting or conference agenda to tap into the experience and expertise of attendees and for you and them to build a stronger community.
The video to the right is an example of a conference where I led the core through the process to identify topics and speakers for this inaugural executive conference. I also designed and facilitated the discussion for attendees during the conference.
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Keynote Holiday

Steve explains the critical nature of the role Steve Olson Consulting plays for its clients.

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