We help agricultural organizations develop innovative forward-focused decisions.

Our Services:

  • Strategic Direction
    • Multi-year Planning
    • Annual Priority Setting
    • Action Plan Implementation with quarterly check-in
    • Management/Leadership Team Alignment
    • Systemizing Business Operations
    • Succession Planning
    • Industrywide Initiatives
      • Think Tank/Summits/Conferences
  • Leadership/Professional Development
    • Mastermind Groups
  • Conferences/Summits/Think Tanks Partner
    • Workshop Presenter
    • Design & Facilitate AgendaConference Agenda Design and Facilitation Partner –
      • Engage participants in active learning and building more and deeper relationships with each other.
  • Speaking
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Youth Development
    • Professional Development
    • Food & Agriculture

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Steve explains the critical nature of the role Steve Olson Consulting plays for its clients.

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